Season Greetings

Tap Tiara driven by Noel Baldacchino wins Velj. Wahlsten Oy Condition Race for Copper Category

Oregon Frontline driven by Rodney Gatt wins Velj. Wahlsten Oy Condition Race for Bronze Category

Royal In driven by Marco Debono wins Velj. Wahlsten Oy Condition Race for Silver category

Presentation blanket Copper Category

Bronze category Presentation Blanket

Presentation Blanket Silver Category

Velj. Wahlsten Oy Condition Race Trophies

CG Hastsport Gold Race Group Photo

CGHastsport Gold Race 18th October 2015 - Roseau du Hamel (Paul Galea)

Lucas Ness wins at Old Race Track - 15th November 2014

Third Win for P.A.Surprise

2nd Win for P.A.Surprise in Malta

Premier Class Owner's Race 29th December 2013 P.A.Surprise - 2140m - 1'15"6

4th victory in Malta for Lucas Ness

23rd Meeting 9th Race Class Silver - Lucas Ness

1st Win in Malta for Brokkur TYC driven by Peter Farrugia on 30th December 2012 Copper Owners' Race - 2140m - 1'18"6

2nd seasonal victory for Lucas Ness driven by Mario Farrugia

Lucas Ness - winner of the Silver Category Condition Race Qualifier on Sunday 14th October 2012

The winner of the Sal-Gister competition was Ms Rosaline Farrugia. Here she is seen being presented with a 100 euro voucher by Mario Farrugia. The voucher can be exchanged for clothing items imported by P & M Farrugia

P & M Farrugia were the sponsors for the Malta Racing Club Driver of the Month during the month of April. The winner was Gozitan Julian Farrugia who is here seen being presented with his token and gift by Mario Farrugia

King de Bourdenay - 13th December 2011 - P & M Farrugia Race

Navaroso de Kepri - 25th September 2011 - P & M Farrugia Race

Photo Finish Copper Race The Womaniser 26th February 2012

3rd Win in Malta for The Womaniser Copper Category 2140m 1'19"3 on 26th February 2012

One day old

Hello I was born on 18th June

President's Cup Presentation

The Womanizer 5th December 2010 - Winner's Circle

The photo speaks for itself

P & M Farrugia Gold Race won by Mustang de Belfin driven by Salvu Cutajar timed at 1'17"6/km over 2640m on 3rd October 2010

Milinda & Kangu have just had their first bath

Milinda with her mummy enjoying the sun

Kangu is now 5 days old and he just loves it outside

By the way, my name is Kangu

Finally he is up and bonding with mummy

Trying to stand up for the first time after just 30 minutes

Just being born on Thursday 27th May at 16:15

Isn't she cute!!!

Milinda & Belinda

One week old and out for the first time with mummy

Milinda thinking that maybe what mummy eats is better

Getting hungry

Making friends with Tascha

Milinda just a few hours old born on 14th May 2010

Milinda named after her parents Millennium and Belinda

Demi Deck Wins at Orebro on 11th March 2010 driven by Charles Degiorgio

Demi Deck\'s impressive win at Mantorp in his first start under the training of Charles Degiorgio

On Friday 10th July, German horse General driven by Noel Baldacchino won the race sponsored by Emin Ab. Congratulations to the owners Charles Borg and Karmnu Casha

Race sponsored by Anders O Jonsson Swedish Horse Transporter on 26th June 2009 won by Cowboy Brodde driven by Paul Gauci and owned by Vanessa & Leli Bugeja

Race sponsored by Ladugardsinrede together with P & M Farrugia for the Silver Category on Friday 19th June won by Kulls Nero driven by Tony Demanuele and owned by Michael Bellizzi

Gold Race Sponsored by CG Hastsport & P & M Farrugia 10th May 2009 won by Widget owned and driven by Michael Ellul

Premier Race sponsored by Marksway HorseHage and P & M Farrugia 24th May 2009. Won by Bello Fratello owned by Anthony Spagnol & driven by Clint Vassallo

Pony race sponsored by P & M Farrugia at the Marsa Racetrack on 26th April 2009. This was won by Paymelater driven by Michael Ellul

Six weeks old - aren't they lovely!

Today they are 5 weeks old

Now they have started eating some solid food

4 weeks old and they are getting frisky - anyone interested we have two puppies left for sale

aren't they just cute!!

eyes open and trying to crawl about at 3 weeks old

A fortnight old and growing by the minute

Ready for their first riding lesson all decked out in HKM products

one week old

The puppies are now 3 days old

The four puppies are now 2 days old

Tascha & her 4 puppies - 2 hours old

Blue, Snowy, Beige & Chip enjoying the sun

Belinda is the newest addition to Tan-Niger Stables. She is a very small shetland pony that just loves attention

Verdi Broline swimming at the Abracadabra Pixxina & Jacuzzi

Where it all started - Mario & Peter's grandfather Carmelo Cassar (In-Niger)

a vast selection of shoes

lots of gift ideas

anything with horses on it - we've got it

we also have all kinds of clothing

anything you need for the stables

all kinds of equipment

at our place you can find the best horse food additives and liniments

our office (3)

our office (2)

Our office

on the farm we also have other animals besides horses

our truck is used for all local transport

Verdi Broline

Carmolas Prince

Tascha our Yorkshire Terrier greets everyone with her ball

indoors is used for grooming the horses

the horses can also enjoy the indoor hydro massage after work outs

the spacious & airy boxes all have solid wooden doors

A free walking machine takes up to 4 horses

another view of the paddocks

the horses can also enjoy the magnificent sea views

a 330m oval track surrounds the paddocks for light track work

Horses can enjoy large spacious paddocks

Wall Feature

Entrance to the farm (2)

Entrance to the farm

Once they arrive in Malta the horses are handed over to their new owners

The horses always arrive in Malta in very good condition