Nashville DK
posted on 27/04/2017

Ziemel tat-tpartit għall-bejgh - f'Malta gera biss 3 tigrijiet

L-ahhar tigrija fid-Danimarka hareg rebbieh misjuq minn Lorry Borg

posted on 03/04/2017

Simb Lex Luthor and Quickspin arrived this morning and have been sold. Good luck to the new owners

New Horses
posted on 30/03/2017

Two new horses arriving next Monday - check the Horses For Sale List

2 Mares for Sale
posted on 23/02/2017

Two new mares for sale arriving in Malta next week

posted on 10/11/2016

Crown Lady is now sold

posted on 15/10/2016

Zootaren arrived this morning and was sold - good luck to his new owners

posted on 04/10/2016

New Horse for sale arriving in Malta with next trip - has done all records this year - in full racing condition

New Mare For Sale
posted on 17/07/2016

New Mare for sale arriving in two week's time in Malta. Also horse already in Malta direct from owner.

Ziemel Tat-Tpartit - Exchanged Horse
posted on 10/07/2016

Going Young issa gie mibjugh.  Ghandna ziemel tat-tpartit ghall-bejgh - Olaf OM - Taljan komplut ta' 8 snin gera nhar il-Gimgha.  Idejali ghal min jixtieq isuq fl-antika ghax jibda hafna.



Going Young is now sold.  We have an exchange horse for sale - Olaf OM - an Italian 8-year old stallion that raced last Friday.  This is an ideal horse for those wishing to race in the old racetrack as he is a fast starter.